Would you mind if I made this a teachable moment?

Yes, we have all had that moment when our child says or does something that we were completely unprepared for! As a mom who has a child with additional needs, we are given a rare “gift” that we will have these moments…many, many, many, times. So be prepared!

Know that at any moment, any behavior, anything said or done, you will be ready with the wonderfully helpful question, “Would you mind if I made this a teachable moment?”


For example, one of these “gifts” was when my daughter was about 8 or 9 years old. We were waiting in line at our grocery store when she pointed at a woman behind us and asked very loudly if the woman was pregnant. The cashier, the woman in front of us, and of course the woman that my daughter pointed at, all became very quiet. I quickly gathered my daughter’s hand firmly in mine and looked into the woman’s eyes and asked her if this could be a “teachable moment.” I explained to my daughter in front of the woman that people come in all shapes and sizes. And that people are always kind. The woman smiled…my daughter was happy…and I was only perspiring a little bit!

Practice this phrase often and you will be amazed that people are generally patient, kind, and understanding.

Thank you for letting me make this a “teachable moment.”

Author: Merrylee Kandel “teachable moments”

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