“What you need to know about the McKay Scholarship” via Easterseals Academy Naples, Florida

The McKay scholarship is one of the main scholarships in Florida that affords many students with additional needs and their families the opportunity to make educational choices. Because of this scholarship, eligible students can attend a public school outside of their “home zone” or a private school. There is a great deal of information at Florida Department of Education Mckay Scholarship, but I wanted to offer a piece of insight because a very important deadline is quickly approaching.


 In order to be eligible to receive 100% of their McKay scholarship amount, new applicants must file intent here by July 3, 2018. Filing intent does not commit you to anything and you are under no obligation to do anything. However, if you file intent after July 3rd, your child will not be eligible to receive 100% of their scholarship (it would drop down to 75% if intent was filed between July 4th and September 2nd). There is a more detailed explanation on their website, but if your child has a 504 plan or an IEP and you are considering making a change for the upcoming 2018-19 school year, you must file intent by July 3rd.

Once intent is filed, the school district has 30 calendar days to determine eligibility. Information obtained from the public school district will determine your child’s matrix number. This number determines the amount of scholarship they are eligible to receive. You will receive all of this information from the department of education once eligibility is determined. Given this timeline, the next critical deadline is August 2ndAll students who receive the McKay scholarship (new or returning students) must be enrolled in the school of their choice by August 2nd, 2018 to receive 100% of their scholarship. 

 Easterseals Academy is a private school that accepts both McKay and Gardiner Scholarships. For information about our school, please call 239-403-0366, email Michelle Turchetta at mturchetta@fl.easterseals.com, or visit Easterseals Academy

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