Wait it out!

As I write this message to you, I find that it both hurts my heart but it also warms my heart.

When our children were younger, I thought was doing a really good job wearing different hats. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a friend, and a volunteer. As the children were growing up, I felt that we were always having “mini teachable moments” and I was handling it quite well.

Looking back, I realize I should have taken a step back and let my children try to figure things out for themselves instead of jumping in to do everything for them. I should’ve “waited it out”!

For example, at the grocery store I would let my daughter make her own grocery list. If she couldn’t find the item, she would have to ask an employee to help her. (I would be standing right behind.) This was very hard for her to express what she needed but the employee saw that I was there and understood how hard she was trying. That being said, I knew that I could of done it faster and easier, but she needed to own the moment. I needed to wait it out and let her do it at her own speed! Let her have the ownership of her accomplishments.

A 5th grade teacher once told me in the nicest way, “Cut the apron strings!” And later in life, I was told I had a “stainless steel umbilical cord” with my children.

Yes, I was a helicopter mom! I am not too proud of that…but it’s really okay.

My children have all had different journeys and even as young adults they are finding their way. So, the next time you want to do something for your child(ren) take a moment and ask yourself, “Should I wait it out and let them figure it out themselves?”

They are children for such a short time and adults for a very long time. Give them a chance to learn how to do things for themselves. Don’t worry, you’ll be right there to help if they really need you!

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