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We are searching on a daily basis to find information to assist parents as they decide on how to proceed with school reopening. We came across this article from NBC News, Do children spread coronavirus? What doctors say about going back to school 

 These passages are from the above article “In the U.S., children make up about 22 percent of the population, but kids account for only 2 percent of coronavirus cases so far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” “It’s not yet known what accounts for that disparity, said Dr. C. Buddy Creech, an associate professor of pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.”

  Now that got us thinking why are the numbers the way they are? We searched more and came across this article from our home state of Florida. More than 7,000 kids have tested positive for coronavirus in Florida. 12 have MIS-C via The Miami Herald dated 7/1/2020

 Back to the question why the disparity? As we continue to research we have found that children have not been tested nearly as much as adults and most children, thank goodness, will never have to see the inside of an emergency room because of having COVID-19. Here is what the Miami Herald article states about testing children, “When COVID-19 testing first became available in March, testing was restricted to those who were experiencing symptoms and met a specific criteria, including having recently traveled to a high-risk COVID-19 area. Now, almost anyone can be tested for the disease regardless of symptoms, though some sites in South Florida still do not accept children younger than 12.”  

 Now that takes us to the states weekly COVID-19 pediatric report which at the time of The Miami Herald article the number of children tested in Florida was 42,287. Of those tested 7,197, or 17% tested positive, the report stated. As of July 9th the number of children tested in Florida was 54,022. Of those tested 16,797 or 31.1% tested positive, the report states.   

 According to the numbers, the trend is going in the wrong direction. If a school decides to reopen, its number one priority must be the safety of the children, teachers and staff. The numbers speak for themselves.

*The pediatric report for Florida changes every Friday. To see the new numbers visit Florida Health COVID-19 Response

Photo by Caleb Oquendo