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Art and nature can play a significant role in the lives of individuals with additional needs, providing them with unique and valuable experiences. Here are some reasons why art and nature are important for individuals with additional needs: 

Expression and Communication: Art and nature offer alternative forms of expression for individuals who may struggle with verbal communication. Through art, such as painting, sculpting, or music, individuals can express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Nature, on the other hand, provides a serene and calming environment that can encourage relaxation and self-reflection. 

Sensory Stimulation: Many individuals with additional needs have sensory sensitivities or challenges. Art and nature can provide a multi-sensory experience that engages their senses in a therapeutic manner. The vibrant colors, textures, and sounds found in art and the natural world can stimulate sensory exploration and enhance their overall sensory integration. 

Emotional Well-being: Engaging in art and spending time in nature can have a positive impact on emotional well-being. Creating art allows individuals to explore their emotions and process their experiences. Nature, with its beauty and tranquility, can promote a sense of calmness, reduce stress levels, and improve overall mood. 

Skill Development: Art and nature provide opportunities for skill development and personal growth. Through artistic activities, individuals can enhance their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Nature exploration promotes gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Both activities encourage problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Social Interaction and Inclusion: Art and nature can serve as platforms for social interaction and inclusion. Group art projects and nature-based activities provide opportunities for individuals with additional needs to engage with others, share their work, and collaborate. This fosters a sense of belonging and encourages social connections. 

Therapeutic Benefits: Art therapy and nature-based therapies are widely recognized for their therapeutic benefits. They can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals with additional needs, promoting self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Engaging in these activities under the guidance of trained professionals can support their overall well-being. 

Personal Empowerment: Engaging in art and nature can empower individuals with additional needs by providing a sense of achievement and mastery. The process of creating art or connecting with nature allows them to develop a sense of agency and control over their environment. This empowerment can positively impact their self-image and overall quality of life. It is important to recognize and support the interests and abilities of individuals with additional needs when providing art and nature experiences. Creating inclusive and accessible environments that cater to their specific requirements allows them to fully benefit from the richness and therapeutic potential of art and nature.

These are just some of the reason we created “Celebration of Creation” an art experience for individuals with additional needs of all ages. Learn how you or your loved one with additional needs can take part here ANI’s “Celebration of Creation”.

  1. To have Fun
  2. Enjoying nature to reduce stress
  3. Create artwork to express yourself
  4. Share resources that can help others in your area
  5. Share your artwork to bring happiness to others

Together we are able to achieve our full potential. Join ANI’s art contest today to help others achieve their dreams. Register via this link Artist Registration

Join our nature themed art contest for individuals with additional needs of all ages. Join here Additional Needs, Inc.’s Nature Art Contest. To help with social distancing here are virtual tours you can watch to get your subject or subjects for your artwork if you are not able to get outside at this time. To support Additional Needs, Inc.’s art contest please become a sponsor Sponsor Registration 

Our own Naples Botanical Garden is staying in touch with their social media pages, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #stayplanted. They also have an coloring activity called Color Your World. Right now they have drawings of chamomile and oregano and they are asking you what they should look like. You color them and then share them on your social media page with #stayplanted. If you have an additional need and do an original drawing you can enter our nature themed art contest.  To support Naples Botanical Garden please donate. 

Our own Conservancy of Southwest Florida is keeping you update with their Facebook page. They have a fun activity for you to do which lines up with our art contest. Learn about Location Exploration at their Facebook page. If you are an individual with additional needs enter your picture to our nature art contest and get a chance to win $100. To support Conservancy of Southwest Florida please donate.

Our own Naples Zoo is going live on their Facebook page. To support Naples Zoo please donate

David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef: An Interactive Journey. Here is welcome message from David but to enjoy the full journey click on the link. This is beautiful way to get inspiration for your artwork. 

Galapagos Islands: National Geographic Expeditions: To support National Geographic subscribe to their print & digital magazine.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: To support Monterey Bay Aquarium please donate. They have ten live cams to watch. Here is one of their after hour videos:

Loggerhead Marinelife Center: To support Loggerhead Marinelife Center please donate. They have live streaming Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. and some days they have at-home activities for students. Yesterday they had “Amazing Adaptations” with At-home activity grades 3-8: Adaptation Card Activity, Imagination Adaptations, Create Your Own Sea Turtle At-home activity grades K-2. If you are an individuals with additional needs you can enter your sea turtle once you’ve completed it to our art contest ANI Nature Art Contest.

Cincinnati Zoo: To support the Cincinnati Zoo please donate. They are doing Home Safari Facebook Lives and you can find all their videos on their Youtube channel.

Hang Son Doong, Vietnam: National Geographic takes you on a 360 degree adventure through the worlds’ largest cave.

Houston Zoo: To support Houston Zoo please donate. Camera hours for Houston Zoo live feed are from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CST They have six different live cams going. 

Georgia Aquarium: To support Georgia Aquarium please donate. Here is their Live Views from the Georgia Aquarium.

National Aquarium: To support The National Aquarium please donate. Here is their Virtual tour