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Right now the additional needs’ community is full of stress and anxiety. It’s the process not the outcome that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. That is one of the reasons we want artists to get involved and not worry if they will win one of the top prizes. With that mission in mind, we came up with “Support individuals with additional needs as you support your local businesses by becoming an Angel sponsor for ANI’s art contest. “

ANI constantly strives to see how our resources and events will be a win-win for everyone involved. As an Angel Sponsor you are encouraging individuals with additional needs to get involved with the art contest as you continue supporting your local businesses. That is a win win for everyone. We want to give everyone a chance to win a prize and that is the reason why we thought of this idea which was inspired by our CEO’s sister-law Heidi Sharpe. She and her family purchased two gifts cards from Frank’s Bakery in Bangor Maine and then did a drawing to give those cards away.  

How it works is you, the Angel sponsor, purchases a gift card of $25 or more from one or more of your local businesses and mail it to Additional Needs, Inc. at P.O. Box 110124 Naples, Florida 34108. Please e-mail us at Info@additionalneeds.info to let us know it’s coming so we can start on the promotional part so once it arrives we are all set to start getting the word out to individuals with additional needs in your area.  You and the company or companies you purchased from will be put on our Angel Sponsor page. Once the card or cards arrive we will let the artists know that we will have a drawing in two weeks for the card or cards. Once the two weeks is up we will do a live Facebook drawing by putting the names of the artists in your area in a hat and pulling out a name. The more cards we get, the more drawings we will do.  In order for the artists to participate in the drawings, they will need to be registered and have a picture of how their artwork is coming along. Or, if they have finished it in those two weeks the final picture of their artwork. We just want to make sure that the artist is going do a piece of art. Artists will be eligible for new cards that come into their area as long as they have not won a card before.

Thank you for helping individuals with additional needs de-stress as you support your local businesses in these trying times.