Hannah’s favorite pastime is making friendship bracelets. When she crafts a friendship bracelet she feels happy, calm, and relaxed. When the bracelet is tied around your wrist via a loved one or friend you’re supposed to make a wish. The wish will come true when the bracelet falls right off!

Hannah’s Friendship Hut was established in 2012 and we would love it if you would assist in getting the messages of Awareness, Belief, Dreams and Achievement out. One possible way would be by wearing one of Hannah’s bracelets and taking a picture of you with your right hand over your heart giving the peace sign. Then share that photo on your social media pages.

Hannah Rose Kandel’s mother had a very typical and happy pregnancy. At nine months of age, her parents started to see some warning signs of possible hearing loss or autism. Her father is a neurologist and her mother has her master’s degree in Special Education. Hannah had the BAER (Brain Auditory Evoke Response) test done at Naples Community Hospital. The test was negative, meaning that her hearing was fine. Hannah’s parents took her too many different doctors and she was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disability-Not Otherwise Specified). Hannah didn’t sleep very much, had stopped talking, and was unable to know where her body was in space. Her parents put together a multidisciplinary team; speech/language therapist, an occupational therapist, and a neuro psychologist. Intervention therapies were started immediately!

Hannah has had a very unusual educational journey. Her parents were always trying to find the right programs to challenge her in social, academic, and independent living skills. She was able to learn language using the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) developed by Dr. Andy & Lori Bondy. Dr. Bondy came to her home and helped her family and therapists learn this mode of communication. Hannah was mainstreamed for preschool and kindergarten while also attending ESE (Exceptional Student Education) classes at Vineyards Elementary School.

Hannah started “talking” when she was around 5 years old. She had what her parents called “Hannahisms” – interesting ways of how she viewed the world. Such as, she called arm pits “tickle pits”. When she juiced oranges she called it “making the oranges dizzy”. And she loved to take the paper off all of her crayons because she wanted to have “naked crayons”.

After many years of special education, Hannah was mainstreamed full time at Seacrest Country Day School. She had an aide/shadow teacher with her in the classroom. The plan was to fade the support but she ended up needing the support the whole 7 years she attended SCDS.

Hannah has Seven big events that have happened in her life so far. The first one is her 2005 Bat Mitzvah. She studied for two full years so she could become an adult in the eyes of her Jewish Community.

The second event was her 8th Grade Graduation at Seacrest Country Day School. She planed to enrolled at Naples High School, but didn’t work out. So she went to Journey’s Academy for 6 months, but  it closed down in the summer of 2009. Later, she was working on the TABE and GED practice books, but it wasn’t the correct match for her so she took part in the American School, which is a high school program online to earn her high school diploma.

The third event was getting her service dog HoneyBun. HoneyBun got her service training from Paws Assistance Dogs right here in Naples, Florida. Hannah and her mother trained with her for two years. She loves HoneyBun so much! Hannah says that HoneyBun keeps her calm. Her responsibilities with HoneyBun include feeding her, walking her, and making sure she is loved.

Her fourth event was her Certificate of Completion Graduation at Eden, now Lily Academy in 2010 where she sang “Never Forget” and give the commencement speech. She had a big celebration at home and also went to Walt Disney World with her teachers and friends.

The fifth event was when her artwork was chosen to be put on a United Nations postage stamp. Hannah’s artwork was called “Crazy Love“. Everyone in her family flew up NYC to attend the Opening Bell at the NY Stock Exchange and to attend the UN Worldwide Autism Awareness panel discussion. People from all over the WORLD were in attendance. They wore headphones so they could understand all the different languages. After this experience, Hannah did a lot of public speaking at schools, rotaries, and religious groups.

Hannah’s sixth event was in 2013 when she started working on getting a traditional high school diploma with the online American School. She completed and received her High School Diploma in Jan 2015. Hannah started working on her AA Degree at FSW (Florida Southwestern State College) in the summer of 2015.

Hannah’s seventh event was her Dan Marino Foundation Program Graduation on June 28, 2018, where she completed all her hard work and dedication with her teachers and classmates to be social and interactive in the program. She also did the Pledge of Allegiance with Emilio Rodriguez-Negron from the Dan Marino Foundation Program on the Fort Lauderdale campus to lead the students and teachers from both the Fort Lauderdale and Miami campuses to dictate along with the Pledge of Allegiance at the graduation ceremony.

Hannah really likes working and earning money! She has worked at a Jewish temple for 13 months, an organic grocery store/cafe/clothing store for 4 & 1/2 years, worked at a local movie theater, and an internship at the State Attorney’s Office in Miami, Florida too.

She is currently looking for jobs from Indeed and Glassdoor on the computer at home. She received her 3 certifications in MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) at Dan Marino Foundation Program on the campus of FIU in Miami, Florida. She passed her certified tests in Word, Excel, and Outlook on the MOS track at Dan Marino Foundation Program there in Miami.

Through the years Hannah has developed many hobbies; she danced for 20 years (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, Irish Step), took art classes and cooking classes, did horseback riding, theater (Seacrest Country Day School, The Naples Players, Florida Repertory Theater in Fort Myers, Florida), and gymnastics. She works out almost every day & joined WeightWatchers, Thinner Dinners for Two, and Hungry Girl to stay healthy in her mind and her body. Hannah would like to become a children’s book author.

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