2018 Naples Art Fest

The 21st Annual Art Fest Naples was a success thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers, artists and the patrons that came out to support individuals with additional needs.

The Title Sponsorship of the Neurology Office of Joseph Kandel, M.D. & Associates is made in honor of The Foundation For The Developmentally Disabled.

To all the wonderful speakers, thank you!
Thank you for sharing your insights for and support of individuals with additional needs.

January 20th Guest Speakers

Jose Colon, Pediatric Neurologist of Paradise Sleep
“Sleep” at 9 AM

If you missed Dr. Colon’s presentation on Sleep here is a video on Sleep and Wellness he did just a few years ago.

Illene Courtright, Speech and Language Pathologist
“Apraxia” at 10:30 AM

If you missed Illene Courtright’s presentation on Childhood Apraxia or you attended but would like to review it, here is her full presentation: Childhood Apraxia of speech—parental role in facilitating motor speech acquisition

January 21st Guest Speakers

Blue Zones Project
at 9:00 AM

Carolyn O’Connell, Behavioral Analyst
“Fabulous 5 Tricks to Better Behavior” at 9:15 AM

Cynthia Sharpe, Medical Intuitive at CynChronisity

“De-stressing During Stressful Moments” at 10:30 AM

Resource Tent Participants

To all the wonderful therapists, thank you for coming out in support of individuals with additional needs and sharing your services & knowledge.

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